While packing clothing and bedroom items for a move across the country might seem straightforward, not everything is so easy to pack. This is especially true with ski gear, which, given its hefty price tag, you don’t want to see damaged when you reach your new home. While there’s no way to guarantee your items will arrive safely, the tips below from Denver long distance moving services greatly reduce the risk of breakage:

Packing Your Skis

If you can afford it, purchase a ski box online before moving day. These are specifically made for skis and can help ensure your investments are at very little risk of being damaged. However, if you don’t have the time or funds to find a specialty box, pack them by following these steps:

  • Start by wrapping the skis and poles in stretch wrap to keep them together and avoid scratching.  
  • Next, place the equipment into your ski bag (if you own one) and then cover with moving blankets. Place zip ties or duct tape around the ends to prevent the bag from slipping out.  
  • Tip: Poles can also be covered with foam pipe insulation, which is found at home improvement stores for only a few dollars.

Packing Your Boots

Ski boots are a bit easier to transport, as they are less fragile than the equipment itself. However, given the price of these, it’s still important to provide them with extra care. Start by filling each of the boots with crumpled up newspaper or packing paper to help them keep their shape. From here, cover each with a soft cloth to prevent scratching and tie together with twine. Place in a lightweight box that won’t allow them to shift during transport, then seal shut.

Packing Your Helmet

Find a box that’s a little bit larger than your helmet and line it with a soft towel. Place your helmet inside and then cover the top with another soft towel. Crumple newspaper to fill the sides and prevent shifting during transport. If you’re tight on space, feel free to place your ski gloves and any specialty socks inside of the helmet so everything goes together.

Packing Accessories

Bindings, goggles, wax, and any other accessories you have should be packed in a small box that’s appropriately marked. Experts recommend wrapping your goggles in either a case or foam packing wrap to help prevent scratches. In addition to this, you’ll want to tape the top of wax containers shut and place in individual plastic bags. This will help safeguard the rest of the box if the wax melts.

If you have a ski equipment backpack, feel free to pack your items in that before placing it in a box. The padding will help keep each item safe, organized, and separated from one another.

Keeping Equipment Safe

The extra thought and care you put into keeping your ski equipment safe means you’ll be able to use it for many years after your move. When moving day comes, try to make sure the skis are the last things loaded onto the truck. This will allow you to choose a strategic spot where you know they’ll be safe as possible during transport.

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