Whether you’re looking to make the Mile High City your new home or you’re leaving it behind for a new adventure, Cheap Denver Movers has the tools you need to make sure the transition goes smoothly. We provide pricing information from several moving companies who can help with your interstate trip to or from Denver. We’re also picky about who we do business with. You can rest easy knowing that all the moving companies in our directory are fully licensed and insured. These full-service movers can offer you a whole host of services to make your move seamless.

But we’re more than just a listing service for cross-country movers in Denver. We’re a resource for every aspect of the relocation experience. You’ll find useful tips on how you can make your move easier as well as quote comparisons that can help you find the best rates around.

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Long-Distance Moving Services In And Around Denver

Moving across the country is more than just a matter of packing your belongings in a vehicle and hitting the road. It’s an exercise in logistics. Whatever your demands, we can match you to a moving company suited to your needs.

Apartment & Home Moving

Settling into a new home is an exciting prospect, but it can also be an intimidating endeavor. It’s hard to know ahead of time exactly how much space you’ll need in a truck to move your possessions until they’re all packed up. Even if space isn’t an issue, there’s bound to be some complications along the way. Denver residential movers have extensive experience coordinating long distance moves. They can scale their services to match your situation.

Office Relocations

If arranging for a relocation of your office feels like a full-time job, that’s because it is. Regardless of the size of your company, there’s bound to be countless items to pack and inventory, but our moving partners can take the guesswork out of your project. They’ll handle the planning and grunt work so that you can better spend your time getting your employees settled in at their new home.


Whether you’re talking about a fancy collection of ergonomic office chairs, an imposing leather sectional, or your weathered but beloved old recliner, we understand that the furniture you use in your home or office is an expression of who you are. It can also add a sense of much needed familiarity as you transition to a new home or office. The mover we work with will make sure your furniture gets where it needs to be without any dings, dents, or scratches along the way.


A piano is more than just a musical instrument. It’s a statement piece. But a scratched or otherwise damaged piano can leave exactly the wrong kind of statement. Our piano movers understand the logistics of moving a piano. They’re ready to take every necessary precaution in the shipment process to ensure your instrument’s safety and protection.


There are countless reasons why people make use of storage services during a move. Maybe you want to put some old belongings up for auction or put some treasured belongings aside until you can find the right place for them. Whether you need a storage unit in Denver or your new city, we’ll help find you a facility that makes your security a top priority.

Full-Service Moves

There’s a lot more to moving than just carrying heavy objects. You can devote more time to exploring your new home and less to monotonous labor when you make use of a full-service move, which includes packing and unpacking services.

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What You Need To Know Before Moving Across Country

There’s a lot more to moving than just stuffing your belongings in a truck and driving. It is easy to lose track of all the details and end up in a situation in which you’ve forgotten a critical factor. This is doubly true when your new home is hundreds or thousands of miles away. A little preparation can make your move a whole lot easier.

Be Meticuluous In Your Note Taking

Even if you have a photographic memory, there’s a lot to keep track of with your move. We suggest making use of a physical notebook or note taking app. Designate specific sections to breaking down individual components like your moving schedule and budget. This will allow you to more readily and diligently track the steps you need to take to complete your move.

Pack Your Belongings With The New Place In Mind

A new home or office is an opportunity to change things up. Chances are that you won’t want to or be able to arrange your new space the same as the old one. Organize your belongings according to where they’ll go in the new place so that you can more easily set them up when you reach your destination. Also, ditch furniture and other goods that you won’t want or use in the new place.

Consider The Costs

A move can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We can help you get estimates on the cost of hiring a mover, but you also need to consider the other associated costs. For example, you might need to factor in the deposit at your new place, utilities, and additional expenses like gas and food during your travel to your new home. Keep your receipts in case you can take a moving expenses deduction on your tax return. If you’re moving for business, your employer might be willing to minimize the cost of your relocation. Also, be sure to set a little money aside in case the unexpected occurs.

Don’t Be Stingy With Your Time

You may have planned your itinerary down to the last microsecond and considered every component of your move, but a cross-country trip is rich with unknown variables. All it takes is a flat tire or a single wrong turn to throw your entire plan into disarray. Be sure your schedule has some wiggle room in case the unforeseen crops up along the way. If nothing happens, this will give you extra time to check out the sights along the way.

Prepare Your New Property For The Movers

Chances are good there are some things you’ll want to change at your new place. Maybe you fancy a new paint job or note some minor damages you need to repair. If you have a window of opportunity for making these changes before the movers arrive, take it. Taking care of general repairs and maintenance is a lot easier when your home isn’t cluttered with boxes and furniture. Many long-distance movers take at least a full week to deliver items to your home. So, if you hit the road and beeline it to your new place, you should have time to tackle some of these to-dos.

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