Cheap Denver Movers can make your office move a cinch. Regardless of the size of your company or the distance of your move, we can connect you with a Denver-based relocation company who’s ready meet your needs. All the movers in our network are fully licensed and insured, and they come with all the equipment and experience to make your relocation a simple affair. Our price comparison service can help you find the lowest rate among the best movers. We can even help you arrange for additional services like packing and storage in the Denver area for the complete moving experience.

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Business & Commercial Moving Services

A business of any size or nature can benefit from the moving services offered by our network of commercial movers. Customize a plan personalized to your business’ needs.

Local Moves

When you take into consideration all the logistics it takes to move an entire business, it only makes sense to enlist the services of a qualified and experienced moving team, even if you’re only going across town. The companies we work with place communication front and center and will listen closely to your needs and adapt their strategy accordingly.

Long Distance Moves

Moving out of state only increases the complications that come with a move. If you’re looking to move your company to a different state, a relocation specialist can sit down with you to create a game plan for your relocation. They’ll work with you to outline every detail of the experience and come up with a solution that’s smooth, effective, and affordable. You can have your new office up and running in no time. Plus, you won’t have to worry about anything getting damaged or lost along the way.


Sometimes a single office space alone isn’t enough to hold all the equipment and products you need to run your business. Whether you’re looking for somewhere to stow away excess stock or keep a place to keep some supplies on hand for a later expansion of your business, we can connect you with a secure storage facility and arrange for your business products to make it there and back again in one piece.

Specialty Moves

Specialized businesses require specialized care. We work a network of office moving companies in Denver who are up for tackling whatever your move entails. Whether you’re a medical shipping company dealing in fragile and potentially volatile equipment or a grocer or restaurant who needs refrigerated storage spaces, we can help you connect with a company that can cater to your needs and talk over a sensible course of action for your relocation.

Corporate Relocations

Safely shipping the furniture and equipment to your new office is one thing. Making sure all your personnel is safely and comfortably situated in their new home is another. These Denver, CO moving services are ready to handle projects of any size. They can coordinate with your HR team to handle the residential moves of your employees, so they can get back to work faster and without the anxieties that might otherwise hamper productivity.

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How To Stage A Successful Office Move

Moving to a new house or apartment is quite an undertaking but planning a relocation of your business is a horse of a different color. Commercial movers in Denver can help expedite the process. We’ve also gathered sensible advice to further simplify your relocation.

Take A Full Inventory

While the fastest option in the moment may be to simply pack all the belongings in your office and set them aside for shipping, a little preparation can make a world of difference. Identifying the equipment that you no longer want reduces unnecessary clutter when your shipment reaches its destination, while setting aside unwanted items for donation can even provide you with a nice tax break when April rolls around. Further, taking time to box up desk, cubicles, and file drawers in an orderly fashion means they’ll get where they need to go in the new space, so you can hit the ground running.

Get A Head Start

Many moving companies offer next day service for residential moves, but that’s an option you’re far less likely to find when dealing with a corporate move. Using our service to start your search a month or two in advance will give you plenty of time to shop for quotes, find a partner you’re comfortable with, and make sure that all your ducks are lined up in a row when moving day rolls around.

Coordinate With The New Building’s Supervisor

If you’re moving into an office building that houses multiple businesses, a relocation can cause chaos for other occupants. An office move often requires the use of heavy freight elevators. As a courtesy to your fellow occupants and a means to avoid any difficulties in your move, get in touch with the building supervisor. He or she can fill you in on any rules and regulations regarding move in, help you find the best time to schedule your relocation, and assist you with mapping out the most efficient paths for your moving crew.

Speak With Your IT Team (When Applicable)

Disconnecting and reconnecting the data cabling and network devices at your office is a complicated undertaking. If your company relies on a network to run at peak efficiency, make sure to have a discussion with your IT team about the best policy for transferring over your infrastructure, so you can avoid unnecessary gaps in your company’s productivity.

File Your Boxes

How meticulous you need to be when labeling your boxes obviously depends on the size of your office but putting together an orderly system for organizing them is crucial. If you’re moving to a new space spread across multiple buildings or multiple floors, consider devising a number system for your boxes to avoid any confusion and keep a record of this system until everything’s securely in place.

Update Your Contact Information

Moving to a new office won’t do you any good if your clients or customers don’t know about it. Get a head start by updating your stationery, website, and business cards well ahead of time. Ideally, you want everyone you might be doing business with to know about the move well before it takes place.

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