Sometimes people just need a place to store things away from their property. This could be as a temporary holding area during an extensive move, or it could be a way to hold on to treasured possessions that they simply don’t have space for at their new home or office. Many of the moving companies available through Cheap Movers offer their own storage facilities right in Denver. You can rest assured knowing that when you store your things with one of the movers in our network, your possessions will be safe and ready for you whenever you need them. Contact us today to find affordable rates near you!

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Finding The Right Storage Space Near You

There are several things you should consider when shopping for a new storage space in Denver, CO. Your priorities will vary depending on your circumstances and the items you need to store.

  • Size and availability of units: The first thing you’ll to consider is what storage space is available and where it’s located. The size of storage units and number available will vary by location and having to split your lot among multiple locations is more trouble than it’s worth. Additionally, if you need frequent access to your belongings it makes sense to find a storage facility close to your home or business.  
  • Cleanliness & safety: You should also keep in mind the cleanliness and security of each facility you consider. Sanitation of a facility may indicate how well your possessions will be preserved, while strict security measures can provide you with the peace of mind you need.  
  • Climate-control availability: Most modern storage facilities offer climate-control measures, but you should check with your provider before you decide to sign a contract. This is especially important if you’re looking to store away antiques, valuables, or a wine collection that could suffer significant damage due to heat exposure.
  • Location: Location is less important if you plan on hiring a moving company to transport your possessions to a new property. An accessible location is far more important if you intend to visit the facility on a regular or semi-regular basis. What’s the point of having a second attic, if you must drive halfway across Denver to reach it? If you want to check in on your unit regularly, some of the companies in our network offer self-storage units. Others have on-site warehouse storage close to their moving offices.

When it comes to what you want to store, the options are practically limitless. You can use a storage unit to secure your belongings when moving to a new office or home. Or it can just service as a space for anything you don’t need right away. Many units are large enough to even hold significant pieces of furniture in bulk. If you’re looking to store more sensitive materials like documents, wine, or art, make sure to have a discussion with the provider so that you can be sure their facilities are equipped to properly preserve and protect them.

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How To Pack Your Storage Unit

When you’re looking to stow away your belongings in a storage unit, you could just stuff everything in there without much forethought, but you’ll pay for that down the road when you come looking for something specific. A neat and orderly approach to organizing your storage unit can pay dividends in the long run.

Maximize Your Space

If you’re paying for storage by the square foot, it is wasteful to not make the most of every inch. To maximize your space, start with a plan for arranging things. Bigger objects should go in first, and you can work around them when placing the smaller items. If you’re storing furniture, try to use surfaces and cavities to hold smaller items or boxes. For example, you could put a chest under the dining room table, while also stacking chairs or boxes on top of it. But making the most of your space doesn’t mean packing everything wall to wall. You should have space to move around, and anything you might want to grab should be accessible without having to risk injury or pull off an acrobatic feat. Organizing your space to accommodate a simple aisle down the middle should get the job done handily.

Structural Integrity Is Important

If a stack of boxes comes tumbling down, that could be disastrous for your belongings as well as potentially putting your safety or that of others at risk. Make sure to stack heavier boxes on the bottom so that they don’t crush anything underneath them and pack each box as full as. Half empty boxes can spell trouble for the integrity of your storage space. But packing meticulously doesn’t have to mean stacking heavy. All your boxes should be lightweight enough for you to comfortably lift and move.

Make An Inventory

You should always make sure to label your boxes clearly when embarking on a move, but that tip is just as true when you’re putting aside items for storage. Labels should be detailed and easy-to-read. And the more you’re storing, the more meticulous your inventory should be. This could be as simple as labeling the category of contents in the box or as in-depth as numbering each box and itemizing the contents under each number in a separate document. Diligence will make your job easier when you need to come back for your belongings, but it can also serve as proof to your insurance company if your storage unit is damaged in a natural disaster.

Minimize The Risk Of Natural Threats

The two primary risks when storing items for long periods of time are pests and mildew. Mildew can be avoided by keeping any wet items out of your unit and keeping the doors to any stored freezers or refrigerators cracked. Also consider placing moth balls and moisture absorbers in key locations. To prevent pests like silverfish, ants, and rodents from making a home in your unit, consider putting down mouse or rat traps and possibly creating a raised structure of pallets.

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