There are many great reasons to get a storage unit. Perhaps you’re moving and need somewhere to store some of your things, maybe you’ve accumulated more things than your home or apartment can reasonably hold, or perhaps you’re having a baby and need to transform one of your rooms into a nursery.  Whatever your reason is for needing a storage unit, a 10 x 20 unit may be the perfect size for you.

What Will Fit Into a 10 x 20 Storage Unit?

According to Extra Space Storage, a10 x 20 storage unit is the size of a standard one-car garage. You should be able to fit the contents of a multi-bedroom home into the unit. Several oversized items, such as a couch, refrigerator, washer and dryer, or large boxes will also fit into this space. You can get a reasonable estimate of what will fit into the storage unit by measuring out a 10 x 20 space in your home or apartment and moving the furniture and boxes you want to store into the space.

Packing Tips

According to professional movers and packers, packing your storage unit correctly will not only help ensure that your things will remain safe by not getting broken or damaged, but it’ll also help you find and easily access your things when you need them.

  • Choosing Your Boxes: Use boxes of uniform size so that you can easily stack them and get the most out of your storage space. Pack your boxes so that they weigh 30 pounds or less. Tape the bottom and top of each box to protect its contents.  
  • Label:Label each box with what’s inside. Be specific. After months in storage, you won’t remember which kitchen box contains your mixer and which one contains your baking dishes. Ensure that you can see the box’s label from your walkway.  
  • Create a Walkway: Create a walkway down the middle of your storage space. This way, you won’t have to move piles of boxes and furniture to get to the items you’ve stored in the back of the unit.
  • Make a Map: Draw a map of your storage space, and label where everything is on your piece of paper. This will save you valuable time when you need to retrieve something from your storage unit.
  • Use Covers: Your things should be relatively safe in your storage unit, but over time, dust can gather on your furniture. Use mattress covers, sofa covers, and upholstery bags to help protect your furniture.
  • Pack Strategically: Moving Insider suggests packing the largest and bulkiest items closest to the walls. Additionally, putting the tallest items in the back and the shortest in the front near your walkway will provide you with a clear view of where things are in your unit.

Renting a storage space can free up room in your home or apartment. To get the most out of your 10 x 20 storage space, utilize these packing tips.

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