Denver is booming right now. The city is growing at a rapid pace, with over 100,000 new people moving to the area within the last seven years. As a younger demographic flocks to the Mile High City, many neighborhoods are undergoing change and transformation to accommodate the influx. Here are some of the neighborhoods to keep an eye on if you are considering a move to Denver soon:

Sloans Lake

Sloans Lake is a neighborhood west of the downtown area that is changing and urbanizing as lots of young people move there. The neighborhood gets its name from the lake situated in the neighborhood’s park, which happens to be the second-biggest park in the city. This park makes the neighborhood a popular place for nature lovers; it’s always filled with people exercising, having picnics, or walking their dogs.

Villa Lake

Located just south of Sloans Lake, Villa Lake is a wonderful place to live for a few reasons. Also a trending neighborhood, it is still on the more affordable end for people who are on a budget. The average home here lists at almost $75,000 under the average price for Denver across the board, which makes it a great place to scoop up real estate. Now’s the time to get in, as the area’s destined to get more expensive as it becomes more popular and crowded.


This neighborhood was once deemed unsafe and disreputable by locals. However, people looking for cheaper housing options began settling in, which has turned around Montbello’s reputation. A national wildlife refuge flanks the north side of the neighborhood, which is a big plus for people who like to enjoy the outdoors and see animals.


Right now, Sunnyside is still known as a quiet residential area, but the neighborhood is expecting a boom. One of the reasons for this is that public transportation is expanding into the area, making it a more convenient location for people commuting to downtown jobs. It is full of popular coffee shops, eateries, and boutiques to shop and is seen as a quaint and relaxed place to eat or spend time. Additionally, Sunnyside is still cheaper than neighboring parts of Denver, so it is a great spot to consider as you plan your move to Denver.


Cole borders the River North Arts District, which is full of Denver’s trendiest restaurants and shops. This area is a great place for people to investigate who want to be near the action but don’t want to have to pay the exorbitant prices. Cole is also very convenient to freeway entrances, which makes it an excellent place for commuters to live. The area is expected to see a hike in home prices as more people realize the potential here and more businesses swoop in. That means that right now is an excellent time to buy.

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