Every move requires preparation and planning, but when you’re moving into a new condo, there are a few extra considerations you should make. Here are three tips residential movers in Denver, CO say will help you prepare for your condo move.

1. Read Your Lease Carefully

Before you finalize your moving plans and sign any paperwork, take time to fully read your lease. Depending on your rental agreement, your landlord may require a specific notice period if you ever decide to move out. If you break your lease before your contract is up, you might face financial penalties. In some cases, if you need to move unexpectedly because of a job or family situation, you may be able to sublet your condo with your landlord’s approval. No matter what your situation, you will want to make sure you understand your legal obligations so that you do not face any unexpected surprises. You should also read your lease, so you fully understand when rent is due, rules about pets, and any other stipulations. If there is a clause that you want to negotiate, address this with your property company before signing.

2. Start Packing Early

Even if you are moving into a small condo, you probably own more stuff than you realize. Sorting and packing all your belongings takes time and leaving too much of the packing to the last minute can spell disaster. Not only will you feel stressed and miserable, but in your haste, you might also pack poorly and some of your personal possessions might get damaged during the move. Start packing well in advance of your planned departure. Set daily goals to help motivate yourself. When you start packing well in advance, you will also have time to organize your belongings, donating or selling things you no longer use. Once you know the specific dimensions of your new place, you can measure your existing furniture to make sure it will fit in the new condo. That way, you can save yourself the trouble of transporting an oversized couch, for example, only to find that it will not fit in your new living room. Doing this work before your relocation will make moving into your new condo a much simpler process.

3. Take Pictures of Your Empty Condo

Before you move any of your belongings into your new place, take pictures of your condo. You should make sure you document any damage, scraps, or scuffs, no matter how insignificant they seem. This is helpful if your landlord later claims there is property damage keep some or all of your security deposit. Make sure that the photos are time-stamped or even email them to your landlord or property management company for documentation purposes. This step only takes a few minutes but makes it much easier to get your full security deposit back without any hassle. Even though you might not have plans to leave your new condo anytime soon, preparing for the future is always a wise choice.

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