If you’re moving to Denver, CO, then let us be the first to welcome you to the Mile High City! As you plan your relocation, one of the most important aspects of the move is ensuring your utilities are set up and ready for move-in day. Thankfully, in Denver this task is relatively easy. Here are the utilities you need to get your new living space set up and ready to go.

Water – Denver Water

Denver Water has provided water service to Denver for the last 100 years. Unless you live in the outskirts or suburbs of the city, this will likely be your water provider. The Denver Water website explains that to start or stop service, you just need to call their Custom Care at 303-893-2444 with your billing address, phone number, and the start/end date of your service. If you’re purchasing new property, then your title company should be setting this service up for you and then transferring it.

Gas and Electric – Xcel Energy

Xcel Energy is the largest provider of gas and electricity to Denver and the rest of the state. To get started with your gas and electricity, you just need to call 866-379-3072 and Xcel will assist you in transferring your services or setting up new ones.


You have at least a couple options when it comes to selecting an internet provider:

  • Comcast / Xfinity 
  • CenturyLink

Depending on how close you live to a CenturyLink network center, you may or may not have a choice as to what kind of internet is available for your space. If you live near a CenturyLink network center, then you have the option of fiber internet. You can go directly to CenturyLink’s website to check your address and order service.

If you’re not located near a CenturyLink network center, then your next best bet is Comcast/Xfinity – most people in Denver have Xfinity. This company offers various packages depending on your location; these can be found by going to their website.


You also have options when it comes to choosing your cable or satellite provider.

  • DirectTV / DISH 
  • Comcast / Xfinity

Television is, luckily, all about your personal preference and, in some cases, which way your abode faces. If you have a clear view of the southern sky, then you can consider satellite television. If you’re using CenturyLink for your internet, then you might want to use DirectTV, first, because then you have the option of bundling your internet and your television. If not, then consider what DISH Network is offering. If you’re using Xfinity internet, then you can also bundle your television with Xfinity.

Trash and Recycling Pick-Up – Waste Management

Trash and recycling are handled by Waste Management. You can order your trash cans, recycling bins, and find out when your pick-up date is by calling their customer service line at: (800) 482-6406.

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